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February 1, 2009

Every Five Things

Every Five Things

Di tag jojo,,,krn gw ngebaca dr blog dia haha...pertama kali di blog gw ngisi gini2an macam FS...


The rules to fill this are:
1) You own a blog where you're gonna post this to,
2) You currently feel bored,
3) You won't skip any question,
4) You're alive (doh!), and
5) You're gonna send this to 5 friends to fill these up.

Firstly, describe the current you in 5 words:
cheerful,emotional,funny,love dog !
5 things you love about life:
family,hobby,friends,leisure,and food!

5 famous people you'd love to meet:
Steven Spielberg, Gordon Ramsay, Mozart, Charles Dickens, and Van Gogh

5 movies you love:
Sex and the City, The Notebook, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Harry Potter, LOTR

5 professions you'd love to have:
Desainer laaarrr...., Painter, Detective X), Curator, Kritikus

5 best authors:
J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Tracy Chevalier, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

5 inspirations:
magazines, internet, friends, family, great movies (sama :) )

5 favorite stuff:
Computer, everything antique, Magazine, Tv, Handphone

5 things you hate:
Copycat, liar, people user, backstabber, people who thinks they're greater than anybody

5 favorite places:
in front of computer, bedroom, di manapun bersama tmn2, CL, TA hahahaha...

5 girls/guys you are currently liking:
family, friends, and lovahhh hahaha X) dont want to mention any names...

5 things you wanna improve more about yourself:
nearer to God, kekurusan :P, ketidakegoisan, posthink, explore my life

5 things you would take to a deserted island:
Dog ! novel yg bener2 tebel biar ga abis2 bacanya XD, Computer dgn koneksi internet hahaha, handphone dgn sinyal tentunya hahaha, food !

5 places you wanna visit:
London, Japan, Germany, France, Scotland

5 things you really want:
motor, new computer, ipod, new dog, violin

5 songs make you cry most:
Errrr..... ga ada deh kekny... ~_~ lagu2 classic yg menyentuh hati hahaha...

5 impossible dreams:
ga mau tua", mau tau misteri2 dunia en explore them, mau tau pikiran God, bisa terbang, bisa invisible

5 dreams in the future:
kurusan lagi, sukses kuliah, find my soulmate, have a really happy life, intim sama God

Tag ke :
5 people i'll meet in heaven...halah...sapa ajah deh yg mau hahaha... :) GBU all !

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