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December 8, 2011

Dreamy World

Hey guys,

it's been a long time since my last's life ? :)
mine... ? ups and downs, and out of love...haha !

been listening to 8tracks and here some lovely pics..btw it's December again..funny how time flies so fast huh ?

July 30, 2011

Weekends are for...

Having Fun...

the way you want to...

Sleep in...


Take care of yourself...

Care 'bout nothing...





Movies !

May 16, 2011

Working Days

Hi world, what's up :) been a long time since i updated my lovely blog i have a job and been working like everybody else, weekend off for relaxing my mind, body and soul hehehe, well this new "LIFE" with a job is pretty interesting and fun, but more busy and dont have lots of time to do things for myself people say when you're a student you have lots of time and energy but dont have enough money, when you have a job you dont have lots of time but you have money, when you're old you have time and money but you dont have the energy ! LOL ! circle of life eh ?

So since i'm in the second base of life i do have money now and can buy whatever i want, BUT i dont have lots of time to meet people, shop everyday like when i was a student, or even go online and play games everyday till past midnight like i used to hehe...even more busy if i have a freelance jobs, or additional jobs, have to meet important people, etc. Well but there's always a bright side to everything right :) ! So every weekend i have to meet my friends, shopping, vacation, etc one at a time hehehehe..

I graduated officially also in 30th April 2011,fiuh finally all is done from my university !yahoo!

Now i have to live my life one day at a time and time feels so short because suddenly its a month pass, three months pass, and in a blink of an eye its a year.. :( and i'm getting old ! lol, its so fun and nice to be kid or teenager only but hey we have to grow up right..! and sometimes because i'm very busy i even forget to facial my face, cut my hair, cut my nails etc little things like that.. haha..

January 21, 2011


Sudah LULUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YAYYYYY FINALLYY !!!! im graduated now finally ! S.Ds. yang adalah Sarjana Desain ! BACHELOR OF DESIGN from Design Department of Art and Design Faculty! hohohohoh happy happy !!

Setelah sidang tanggal 12 januari 2011 kemarinnnn :D now it's time to welcome to the real world as they say...huff job job job workingggggggg orrrr going to university again ? hahahaa ambil s2 sastra inggris humm..cita2 gw juga tapi binunnnnn huff"...yudisium dan urus2 wisuda dannnn wisuda dehh thats it jreng jreng jreng ! its almost like surreal to me, its so long but feels short thought...this final assignment...

thx to temen2 sekelompok dan bapak dosen pembimbing dan dosen penguji hoho dan semua tmn2 yg memberikan dukungan dan juga tentunya my God and my fam ! anywayssss this just a crash blog posstt im in a hurry lol

buh-byeeee catch ya later wif new posts !



btw happy new year 2011 guys ! :)