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May 16, 2011

Working Days

Hi world, what's up :) been a long time since i updated my lovely blog i have a job and been working like everybody else, weekend off for relaxing my mind, body and soul hehehe, well this new "LIFE" with a job is pretty interesting and fun, but more busy and dont have lots of time to do things for myself people say when you're a student you have lots of time and energy but dont have enough money, when you have a job you dont have lots of time but you have money, when you're old you have time and money but you dont have the energy ! LOL ! circle of life eh ?

So since i'm in the second base of life i do have money now and can buy whatever i want, BUT i dont have lots of time to meet people, shop everyday like when i was a student, or even go online and play games everyday till past midnight like i used to hehe...even more busy if i have a freelance jobs, or additional jobs, have to meet important people, etc. Well but there's always a bright side to everything right :) ! So every weekend i have to meet my friends, shopping, vacation, etc one at a time hehehehe..

I graduated officially also in 30th April 2011,fiuh finally all is done from my university !yahoo!

Now i have to live my life one day at a time and time feels so short because suddenly its a month pass, three months pass, and in a blink of an eye its a year.. :( and i'm getting old ! lol, its so fun and nice to be kid or teenager only but hey we have to grow up right..! and sometimes because i'm very busy i even forget to facial my face, cut my hair, cut my nails etc little things like that.. haha..