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February 1, 2009

About Me...

You are Red Koala who is cheerful and happy person.
You are friendly to every one, but at the same time, you are a person who doesn't want to lose, and are strong person.
You also have a very emotional side, and can not turn down favors.
You act like a big sister to every body.
You are a type of person who takes things too seriously.
You can get heated up on something, yet can quickly lose interest.
You are very sensitive to trends, but have a tendency not being able to use that advantage.
You are very passionate and emotional person.
You have lots of likes and dislikes.
You tend to act on emotional spur than by reason, and can be very nervous.
You also worry great deal, and therefore sometimes end up not being able to exhibit your talent.
You have natural instinct, and are good negotiator.
You will say things in straight forward manner, and although you tend to be a rational person, people often misunderstand you as being selfish.
This is because your ideas cover too wide aspect, and do not know where to stop.
To use this unique talent, you should find someone who is wise enough to understand and realize you.
He will lead you and draw out your talent to its greatest.
You should always try to train mentally and physically.
If you can make use of your personal interest, you may find a side of yourself, you didn't realize before.
After marriage, you will keep the house secure for your husband, and at the same time keep your own career.

bener bangettt,,,gue bgt,,,hahahaha,,, ^^

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