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September 18, 2008


Your Ideal Husband (with pictures)
Your Name
Choose the closest description of yourself
Favourite song
Your Ideal Husband
This Quiz by Miss Brit - Taken 49678 Times.
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What Barbie would you be?
Favourite Color
You are beach barbie
You will have $10
Will You marry Ken? and live happily ever after
This Quiz by misscris24 - Taken 39271 Times.
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What flavor are YOU?
Your name?
Your age?
Do you eat ice cream?
Your flavor- Strawberry
Could you work at a ice cream stare? No- not without eating any
Are you Ben or Jerry? Ben
Do you love ice cream? - 32%
This cool quiz by Midnight_Sunrise - Taken 41340 Times.
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Your Harry Potter Character Description
HP Obsession Level
Year at Hogwarts One
Corporeal Patronus form Eagle
Special magical abilities Parselmouth (Evil! Evil!!)
Preferred field of study Potions
Character you'd most likely end up dating Angelina Johnson
Popularity at Hogwarts - 24%
This cool quiz by nicki - Taken 46688 Times.
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Your Dream Emo Boyfriend. Pictures.
Favourite Color
Your boyfriend is... Image hosted by
He call you... Honey.
You met at... The park.
He plays the... Dancer 8)
His mistakes... Not being religious.
This fun quiz by Wow_she_is_tall - Taken 45985 Times.
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What kind of a beautiful creature are you?
favourite color/colors
favourite time of the day
favourite time of the year
You look like
Your name is The lost one
You will be found doing taking over the world
Your beauty percentage - 0%
Will you ever find your true calling in life? (8) - It is certain. - (8)
You will be accepted TRUE
This fun quiz by gothic_poison - Taken 35900 Times.
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What school stereotype are you?
Favourite Color
You are a preppy cheerleader
This QuickKwiz by becuz_we_can - Taken 34602 Times.
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Evil Stuff
Your minions are: everyone
You will conquer: Microsoft. (DIE BILL GATES!)
Your title will be: Duchess
This much of the world will love you: - 53%
You will be a great ruler: TRUE
You will have this much money: $8,819.85
This Quiz by Flippant - Taken 32074 Times.
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Who will you get into Bed with?
Full Name
Your Bedroom Buddy Tom DeLonge
What They Think You're Great
This Quiz by wats_the_dillio - Taken 30256 Times.
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Who are you REALLY? (what you are deep inside yourself)
Full Name
You are Male
Your age is 82
Your hair is long purple hair
Your spirt is sad
This Quiz by Midnight_Sunrise - Taken 30015 Times.
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Is It Love? (Gerard Way)
Favorite Color:
Favorite Band Out Of These:
Favorite Creature Out Of These:
Favorite TV Show:
When Did You And Gerard Meet? Through your counsler
What Did He Think Of You? He thought you were a little spoiled brat
When Did He Ask You Out? At lunch, three days later
What Was The First Kiss Like? tongue and all
Is It Love? Yes
Will It Last? Yes
This cool quiz by vampiregal13 - Taken 30229 Times.
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