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September 19, 2008

Who will you get raped by
Favourite Color
Your Rapist hugh jackman
How long have they been stalking you you're entire life
Where will you get raped mountains
This quiz by YourHeroin - Taken 24820 Times.
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how will you die?
you will die: of natural causes
This cool quiz by cowboysbecamefolkheros - Taken 23619 Times.
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what will your band be?
do you lke cats?
you'll call your band: semi-action hero
you will sound like: dashboard confessional
lyrics: these shard of glass don't cut like they used to
This quiz by cowboysbecamefolkheros - Taken 22827 Times.
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Your Love Life and Your Reputation
Favourite Color
You like to get action from Men
You're most likely to hook up In a dressing room
Behind your back, other people think of you as A slut
Your past lovers would describe you as Sticky
This quiz by natmg1224 - Taken 22070 Times.
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The Ultimate Emo TEST!!!
Current Mood
Emo Meter - 56%
This QuickKwiz by vile_kitten - Taken 20382 Times.
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Your internet persona
Full Name
You hang around BlogSpot
Your nickname is 5exk177eN
You search the net for WArEZ
You end up finding Pepsi
This fun quiz by Confused_Pete - Taken 21666 Times.
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How fucked up is your thinking?
Name / Username
what do you think when you hear "boobies?" squirt
What is your favorite color? Yellow - genital worts
Admit it, which do you suffer from? pre-ejaculation
What's your favorite movie? Godfather
How would you rather die? frozen alive
What is your gut reaction after an accident? snap a picture
This cool quiz by winkie - Taken 18832 Times.
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Your Movie!
Type of movie- Cartoon
Starring- James Spader
How many people went to see it? - 80%
How many people like it? -1353473699
Is it a hit? TRUE
Box Office Money- $55,848,872,341,074,799,182,623,833,795,005,269,473,527,208,123,101,143,407,838,785,220,146,615,528,305,769,909,218,614,959,467,643,979,956,224.00
This fun quiz by Midnight_Sunrise - Taken 18528 Times.
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What Type of Music Are You?
Hair Color
You Will Be a Star (8) - Very doubtful. - (8)
Your Type of Music Classical
How Many Hits You'll Have 195
Your Success - 73%
This QuickKwiz by Burrito05 - Taken 18078 Times.
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Muse, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Mest, Billy Talent, Green Day, Blink 182 and Matchbook Romance Love Life.
Favourite Color
You date... Tre Cool
You dump him and marry... Quinn Allman
Your wedding song... "Poprocks and Coke" by Green Day
But you cheat on him with... Ray Toto
Does he find out? Yes and not give a shit
You end up divorcing him and re-marry... Bert McCracken
This cool quiz by shakeitdown - Taken 15828 Times.
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Your Future Boyfriend Is...
Random 5 Letter word:
His Name: David
His Looks straight medium length light brown hair, blue eyes, green shirt, black jacket, blue jeans, two chains, eyebrow pierced, converse shoes
One word to describe him is... evil
You like him... TRUE
He likes you... TRUE
Your compatibility: - 71%
This Quiz by EffedUp - Taken 15947 Times.
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If You were a vampire you would be like this...
Name / Username
haircolor; one unnatural hue no one can describe because of your ability to cloud the minds of others
Favortie mode of dress period gab having to do with when you were brought across and what class you belonged to socially
Attitude towards other vamps Fond/Openly Adoring who do you think shares your coffin and whom do you go partying with when the sun goes down? hmm!~_^
How you feel about humans Perfectly acceptable so long as they know their place
You feel about supernatural non vamps Indifferent
your age is... Only the god of vampires knows for sure since you and he were rocked in the same cradle.
This cool quiz by flamekaat - Taken 13820 Times.
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