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November 25, 2010

Hi Readers...

Hi Guys :)

how are you doing ? tell me about your life or country..if you want to..i'll be very excited :)
well, here in Jakarta there's no snow or something like that...only raining mostly everyday now...since global warming it's hard to tell the weather's always changing like teenage moods haha.. ^_^ you'll never know...

Well, i'm really envying you guys..whose countries are snowing... :( you can play in the snow, make snow angels, then snowman etc. ^_^ i bet it's really fun..
so, tomorrow i'm planning with my friends and family to watch "Unstoppable" starring Denzel his movie are always stunning for me and marvelous !^_^ and some of my friends told me that this movie is really good :)

Then nowadays, im kinda busy with my final thesis to obtain graphic designer degree, i've been sketching, colouring, scanning, editing, designing, photographing, etc. you name it..well wish me luck people... :)

And i'm really confuse about what present to give to my big sister's birthday at November 30th


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