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November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and The Karl Diet

Anna + Karl + Diane = Heaven

Well, i love Karl so much ! his style, wardrobe and all ! :) very classy and elegant ! hahaha, since he's in the fashion industry well...makes him maybe want to be skinny too of course !
Well, i'm prefering the Mediteranian Diet than his diet, but his diet are okay too, i guess...

Spoonlight Diet Basics

The basic principles of the diet are simple and involve limiting calorie and fat intake, avoiding refined and fried foods, and increasing the intake of lean proteins and vegetables.

Protein is included in every meal to reduce the risk of unhealthy loss of muscle mass that is common while dieting. Fats are limited as much as possible and carbohydrates are obtained almost exclusively from vegetables especially in the early phases of the diet.

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, which is also known as the Spoonlight program, is divided into three phases:

Phase one involves consuming only 800-900 calories per day and this phase is advised to be undertaken only for two weeks and while under medical supervision. Dieters are allowed three meals daily that consist of a protein food supplement and vegetables.

Dieters may choose to skip this phase and commence their diet at phase two which involves 1000-1200 calories per day and allows the substitution of the evening protein supplement with a lean protein choice such as chicken breast, fish or meat. A serving of low fat yogurt or cheese is also allowed at the end of the meal.

In phase three the calorie allowance is increased up to 1200-1600 per day and dieters are permitted to add whole-wheat toast to their breakfast as well as fruit after the evening meal.

Recommended Foods

The diet involves substituting meals with a protein supplement designed by Dr. Houdret for at least one meal each day. Flavors include chocolate, fish soup, egg based custard, and ham & cheese omelet.

Lean proteins, low fat dairy products and vegetables form the basis of the diet in addition to the protein supplements.

Fruit and whole wheat bread are allowed in limited quantities in the later stages of the diet.

Sample Diet Plan


1 grapefruit
1 low fat yogurt
2 slices whole-wheat toast
Coffee or tea


Protein supplement with vegetables

Afternoon Snack

Protein supplement and an apple


Vegetable broth
Chicken breast and vegetables
Low fat yogurt
Fresh fruit

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