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January 11, 2010


From my friend's blog :


1. Dyed your hair an odd color.
2. Went skinny dipping.
3. Bought something you didn’t need.
4. Snuck out of your house.
5. Became obsessed with a song no one knew.
6. Learned a song on your phone with your keypad.
7. Knitted something.
8. Ran a mile.
9. Fell in love.
10. Said, “like yeahh” too many times.
11. Lost your closest friends.

12. Got into a fight with someone you loved.
13. Climbed a tree.
14. Did something you said you wouldn’t.
15. Figured out who your real friends were.

16. Graduated High School.
17. Shopped online.
18. Created a song.
19. Got addicted to something.
20. Realized who you truly are.

21. Sang karaoke.
22. Flew across the world.
23. Performed in front of a large audience.
24. Met someone in real life that you thought you wont.
25. Found a new band you now love.

26. Realized that Kanye West essentially sucked.
27. Got drunk.
28. Got high.
29. Spoke to a police officer.
30. Realized everyone is a hypocrite.
31. Panicked over something stupid.

32. Failed a class.

33. Fell out of love.

34. Played a video game for hours straight.
35. Spent time with your family.

36. Ate dinner alone.

37. Cried in the shower.
38. Gained a new family member.
39. Shot off your own fireworks.
40. Made a snowman.
41. Got yelled at for no reason.
42. Waved at people you didn’t know in passing cars.
43. Sat in front of laptop all day.
44. Changed your entire look.
45. Had sex.
46. Ran outside naked when it was freezing out.
47. Made your own fire.
48. Laughed at something that made no sense.
49. Fell asleep on the phone.
50. Told someone you loved them.

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