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April 17, 2009

25 ways to live a Fairytale life

Me and my sister forever...

  1. Kiss passing amphibians, just in case
  2. Wear your hair in braids, curled up over your head
  3. Have a conversation with your mirror as you’re getting ready in the morning
  4. Go apple picking in an orchard
  5. Wear silver bells tied to your ankles
  6. Grow wild roses and jasmine in your garden
  7. Leave milk and honey out for the Faeries
  8. Pluck daisy petals, ‘He loves me.. he loves me not’
  9. Sing old disney tunes in the bath
  10. Celebrate May day, wear flowers in your hair and bathe in the morning dew
  11. Bring a basket of fresh cookies to your grandmother
  12. Give yourself a secret name that noone else knows
  13. Wear glittery shoes of silver or ruby red
  14. Go for a moonlight walk on the beach and look for mermaids and selkies
  15. Write your dreams down each morning in a midnight blue diary
  16. Tell stories to children
  17. Hide a dried pea under your mattress
  18. Help an old woman you meet on your way
  19. Place a single red rose in a vase by your bed
  20. Spend a whole day in bed, in a pretty nightgown and wait for a kiss
  21. Bake a gingerbread man or house
  22. Wear a goosefeather for good luck
  23. Eat porridge for breakfast, make sure the temperature is just right
  24. Search for the end of a rainbow
  25. Go dancing at midnight in your living room by candlelight

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